Visit #1: UW School of Law 



Today I visited University of Washington School of Law ( my #1/dream school). The admissions counselor was extremely helpful and provided me with all the information that I needed to plan out the next months leading to 1 October (when apps become available).

I am considering UW for many reasons:

  • I can utilize my military tuition waiver and receive 50% off/year. (This would save me soooo much $$$) 
  • The William H. Gates Public Service Law Scholars Program awards five scholarships on an annual basis to first year students entering the UW School of Law J.D. program. Each Gates PSL scholarship award will cover tuition, books, other normal fees. (THIS IS OBVIOUSLY MY TARGET GOAL!) 
  • The advocacy clinics that they are have available for 2L and 3L students have all of my passions: Child Welfare, Youth Advocacy, Civil Rights and of course public service and public interest law.

The ONE and ONLY concern that I have with the program is that it is full-time day only and its advised that students not work as it is a rigorous schedule Monday-Friday. Being that I have many financial responsibilities, I will have to work more than part-time hours. If i receive generous scholarships and loans, then this may be able to help me survive throughout the following 3 years.

I am remaining determined and optimistic that I will receive a high enough score on the LSAT that scholarships will practically come raining down onto me!

I have an advising session at Seattle University School of Law next week and am excited to learn more about their part-time program which make work better for me!

Stay tuned!

Katana 🌻

I started a blog today

Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. As many of you may know, I am involved in ALOT of stuff (how do I do it?  I. DONT. KNOW!). I figured that compiling my busy life into blog posts would be a great way for me to share a little bit of everything of my life.

I will write about:

•modeling (I’m not trying to be ANTM)

•my personal community work/projects

•military life {enlisted to officer (one day)}

•undergrad struggles and tips

•the road to (applying for) law school

•balancing full time work AND full time school AND a social life (what is that?!)

Once again, thank you for following me on the many journeys I am taking simultaneously and I hope that sharing a little about my life may impact you in some way.


G̶o̶s̶s̶i̶p̶ ̶G̶i̶r̶l̶ Katana 🌻